Two this month – happy birthday!

Some people can remember their “business birthday” – the day they set up their editorial or translation business. For me, picking a start date is tricky as I gradually increased my hours over several years.

I also moved countries quite a bit. My business activities were registered in Croatia, Germany, and then the UK.

Anyway, I noticed a big shift when I decided to go full-time. At this point, I joined a professional association (the CIEP) and became much more serious about my training.

For me, this was in spring 2019. I remember learning WordPress, VAT laws and looking at Marieke Krijnen’s editing website for inspiration as she had made a similar recent post-academic transition.

So, I’ve decided to celebrate my editing business birthday in April. This makes sense for practical reasons: the UK tax year ends in early April. This is a time to take stock of how the last year went too. (Excel tables at the ready!)

I’ll keep a bit of the blurriness and just celebrate it over the month, rather than on a particular day. That makes it a birthmonth rather than a birthday…

Here’s to year number three!

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