About Me

My name is Dr. Andrew Hodges and I am passionate about language, society and social justice.

As a former social anthropologist, author of an academic book and numerous research articles, and journal editor, I am well aware of how important publishing is for an academic career, and the difficulties many researchers have in sending a polished book or journal manuscript off for peer review.

I completed undergraduate studies in the natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, followed by masters studies and a PhD in social anthropology at the University of Manchester.

I then moved to Croatia and was employed as a Marie Curie Fellow in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. Over the course of my time in Southeast Europe, I began to help local researchers translate and edit their work, copyediting for an anthropology journal there.

I set up my editing and translation business when I moved to Regensburg, Germany, initially part-time alongside work on a business-history book project.

Finally I moved back to the UK and switched to running a full-time editing and translation business.