Academic Editing

Getting a book or article published can be hard work! If you have a busy teaching timetable and other work commitments, research can take a back seat. Then there is the ‘gauntlet’ of peer review to deal with, authors to organise and correspond with, and so on…

This is where editorial help can come in.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • The managing editor of a journal, or your editorial contact at a publisher, has told you to find a language editor before submitting the final version
  • A busy work schedule means you have no time to spend formatting references
  • You love research, but don’t enjoy writing
  • You are unsure about how to improve the flow, precision, and readability of your work
  • You’ve been wanting to submit that article or grant application for months, but it just doesn’t feel right.

If so, then keep reading…

My academic editing service will help you publish your book or article with confidence. I offer two main services: line-/copyediting and developmental editing. I have extensive experience of working with multilingual authors.


If your book or article is nearly ready to publish, this is the service for you. It involves an edit at sentence level, refining your writing, sharpening your style, and applying a style guide. Some editors call this stylistic editing. Indeed, for texts by multilingual authors, some people call it language editing. This is my most popular service.

  • checking grammar and technical aspects of language
  • making stylistic refinements
  • working to present your voice, arguments and ideas clearly
  • ensuring the document formatting is consistent
  • producing a style sheet
  • applying any style guide you require

The final product will be of publishable quality with professional printing presses and academic journals.

I always read through every text a second time after the line-edit – this is especially important for texts by multilingual authors to catch remaining errors.

My rates for this service are per 1000 words.

Developmental editing: manuscript assessment

If you are looking for a detailed report assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, this is the service you need. For a book project, the report will be roughly 8–15 pages long and it will include an analysis of:

  • general comments on the book
  • the structure, cohesion, and organisation of your work
  • the arguments, premises and concepts
  • possible hooks for your book project
  • timeline and pacing
  • tone and style
  • a list of recommendations on how to revise and reorganise your project

I work on the following kinds of texts: books, journal articles, and project/grant applications.

These are all areas in which I have extensive experience as both an editor and academic writer or applicant.

My rates for this service are based on the approximate manuscript length.

Developmental editing: ‘hands on’ editing

Upon receiving the editorial report, if you want me to implement the developmental changes myself, I am happy to do this. This task typically entails:

  • marking sections for deletion
  • writing notes asking you to insert/write more content
  • moving sections around
  • deciding on how to reorganise chapters
  • writing transition sentences at the end or start of sections
  • writing working titles for the various sections
  • making the occasional tweak at sentence level

I charge an hourly rate for this service as every project is different.

Reference formatting

I charge for reference formatting separately and the bibliography is never included in the word count for line-/copyediting. I charge a fixed rate per reference. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Thesis proofreading

Subject to availability, I also offer a thesis proofreading service.

Academic translation

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What happens next?

The first thing we will do when we start working together is to agree on the project details. I will ask you for a sample and for some basic information about your book/article/project and offer a quote based on this. If you accept, I will ask you to sign my terms and conditions and we will agree on a schedule.

The next thing we will do is put together a style sheet for the project.

I will then complete the editorial work and send the text and style sheet to you for checking.

Finally, we will resolve any queries before you submit your text.

Need more info?

Here are more details about me so you can see whether I’m a good fit for your project.

Free resources

I have a range of free resources on my website. If you feel I am not a good fit for your project, I am happy to recommend other editors.

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