If you are looking for a professional editing service, I am here to help. I have guest-edited a journal and published an academic book and around twenty articles in international academic journals.

I edit policy reports, public and museum sector documents and educational course materials as well as academic book and journal manuscripts. I am also open to fiction copyediting projects as this is an area in which I am currently increasing my expertise.

I am a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, and you can find my directory entry here.

I am editorially trained with the PTC and CIEP and understand the publishing process from both an academic and editorial point of view.

[Please note that I do not offer any writing or ghostwriting services of any kind. If I believe my work on your text would constitute a claim to co-authorship, I will not undertake the project.]

Here are the services I offer:

Heavy editing
  • If your text isn’t ready yet and you need help with organising your ideas or structure, this is the service you need. I typically charge by the hour in line with the CIEP minimum rates
  • detailed comments to improve the structure and style of your work
  • tips on how to best organise your work
  • significant changes made to many sentences with the aim of presenting your ideas as clearly as possible
  • normally completed as a separate round before a final copyedit
  • sometimes called a developmental/structural edit
Professional copyediting
  • If your text is ready to publish in an academic journal or with a professional publisher, this is the service for you. [My standard rate for texts written by non-“native” speakers is £25 per 1000 words, which is £150 for an article of 6000 words]
  • checking grammar and technical aspects of language
  • ensuring your ideas are communicated clearly and consistently
  • ensuring your work is written in a consistent and appropriate style and voice
  • consistent formatting, using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) style guide or any other guide you require
  • sometimes called copyediting, or at the heavier end of medium: line- or style- editing
  • the final product will be of publishable quality with professional printing presses/academic journals
PhD thesis service
  • I offer a budget service for dissertations and PhD theses. The cost is typically £15 per 1000 words. I only offer this service subject to availability and do not offer a budget service for any other kinds of texts.
  • checking grammar and technical aspects of language
  • ensuring your ideas are communicated clearly and consistently
  • consistent formatting
  • for dissertations and theses I will need written permission from your supervisor, with the depth of permitted revisions clearly defined. Editors Canada have written a great summary of ethical practice in this domain and these are guidelines that I follow

Contact me

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