My rates depend on both the service you require and the state of your original text. Please contact me for a quote.

I typically charge per standard page (1500 characters inc. spaces). However, I can also offer rates per 1000 words or per hour, so please indicate what you require.

My editing rates are guided by the SfEP’s minimum rate guidelines and translation rates by the freelance fees guide. They reflect the fact that I work as a full-time freelance editor and translator.

Please be sure to indicate which service you require, as explained briefly here

Please note the following:

  • I charge for formatting academic references separately and by the hour, as the amount of work required can vary significantly.
  • If you simply want references proofread (checked for correct capitalisation and typos), I charge my regular rates per standard page.
  • Please note that my rates are slightly higher for private/individual clients as I have to charge VAT.
  • In a typical working day I can comfortably translate approximately 2000 words, or copy-edit an ESL text roughly 6000-8000 words long. These are general estimates around which I base my timetable and plan accordingly. Please factor this in when drawing up your schedule.