Thesis proofreading service

If you need your PhD/Masters thesis to be proofread, feel free to get in touch.

I charge less for this service as this kind of proofreading or language editing requires a lighter touch than journal articles or books. I will:

  • check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • check consistency of capitalisation, use of italics, proper nouns etc.
  • flag up any sentences where the meaning is not clear to the reader
  • highlight any recurring language issues I notice in your work

My typical rates (subject to seeing your manuscript) are £20–£25 per 1000 words for multilingual authors, or £10 per 1000 words if English is your first or dominant language.

If you need MS Word styles applying to your manuscript, I offer this for an additional small fee.

Finally, if you would like me to complete an editorial report (3–5 pages) detailing language issues in your writing, I offer this service for an additional £50.

I work most often with authors from Germany, Croatia/Serbia or Spain. Topics linked to the former Yugoslavia, social anthropology, science-fiction studies, or history are my areas of expertise.

Please note that I cannot offer reference formatting as you are assessed on this skill, and I will need confirmation from your supervisor regarding the acceptable level of intervention.