Finding the right translator for the job can be difficult! It’s a bit like picking a second-hand car.* There are lots to choose from, but appearances can be deceptive. It can be hard to find the right fit, and you don’t know what’s under the bonnet until you’ve bought it.

Maybe you have:

  • Struggled to find a quality translator for your niche
  • Had negative experiences working with academic translators who haven’t trained in translation theory and practice
  • Worked with a translation agency and found not being able to work directly with the translator frustrating
  • Wanted to discuss a job but just received a finished version that didn’t meet your expectations

If so, then keep reading…

I approach translation as a creative collaboration.

This is especially important for literary and academic book projects as they are your “baby” in a sense. For marketing and tourism projects, a closer collaboration improves the translation as then the customer and company backgrounds are present in it too.

I translate from Croatian and German into English. If you have a project that fits my specialist areas, I’d love to hear from you. These are:

  • narrative social sciences and humanities (history, social anthropology)
  • museum exhibition materials
  • marketing and tourism materials
  • psychotherapy (especially transactional analysis)
  • football fan subcultures
  • sociological, speculative and science fiction

You can take a look at my translation portfolio here.


The first thing we do when we start working together is to agree on the price. We do this after I have discussed your needs and you have sent me the text for translation.

I will then ask you to sign my terms and conditions and we will decide on a schedule.

I will then complete a sample of around 2000 words and send it to you for review.

We will then discuss any terminology or style needs and decide whether to work more closely together (sending you a rougher draft for review before the final editing), or whether to simply send a finished product.

Click here for more information about me.


A line- and copyedit would be a good second choice if translation is too expensive. My knowledge of your language informs my editorial approach too. I’m also happy to recommend other translators who could be better suited to your project.

*No, really!