Writing Support/Coaching

Academic researchers in the social sciences and humanities face a range of challenges, including:

  • A publish or perish system
  • Lack of time for writing
  • Little or no structured training in academic writing
  • Diminishing state support and funding for social sciences
  • Intense competition for jobs and workforce casualisation
  • The challenges of moving between different state bureaucracies and expectations

These pressures can negatively affect both the quality of academic writing, and the wellbeing of academic writers. At the same time, researchers are often incredibly invested in their writing and intellectual projects.

I believe a political solution is needed for most of these problems. However, for writing-related issues, support from someone who understands the political and emotional background to writing and a career in the social sciences and humanities can be helpful.

This is because solving a problem isn’t always as simple as restructuring a book or article and then submitting. You may have difficulties with:

  • writer’s block
  • procrastination
  • imposter syndrome
  • meeting deadlines
  • finding time for writing
  • structuring and planning your book project

Or something else entirely. In these one-to-one supervisions, we will discuss and work toward solving your problems with a particular text or writing in general.

I will give you feedback on your writing style, structure and cohesion in a similar way to a university supervisor or peer feedback, but without the hierarchy and expectations. The feedback I give will draw on:

  • My ten-year experience as a research academic
  • Subject expertise in social anthropology/qualitative sociology, where appropriate
  • Editorial training
  • My training in transactional analysis (a counselling modality)

Our work will be focused on solving the writing issue or problem you present. You can describe your problem here if you wish, or we can arrange a free 20-min online consultation to discuss.

In these sessions we will place your writing within your wider life situation, discuss the main problems and try and find solutions. Our work together may include set-tasks for you to complete between sessions.

Consultations cost £35 per hour